"28 Days to

Programme 28 jours pour en finir du mal de ventre

to a Happy Belly» plan

Le plaisir du ventre en croquant la vie

A letter to my belly

My dear belly, you bloat, you ask me for sugar, you hurt, you hold on to every gram of food I eat, you’re not flat, you don’t fit in my trousers, you speak an incomprehensible language, you gurgle in meetings and you can’t digest the restaurant food!
Explain things to me !

You remind me of my grandmother, especially when I hide you with a girdle. You scold me like my mother when I take too much whipped cream, you are old and soft in the eyes of my children.

The more I want to train you, the more you show up! What are your instructions for use?

Maybe it’s time to pick up a dictionary to decode the language of your belly?

The birth of a new programme that will revolutionize your relationship with yourself and your tummy. Welcome to the "Soft Challenge - 28 Days to a Happy Belly"!

We are delighted to offer you our new “28 Days to a Happy Belly” plan!

The plan

The objectives of this
"Soft Challenge - 28 Days to a Happy Tummy"

  • Speaking the language of our belly to decode its needs

  • Calm the relationship with your body and your center

  • Eating with pleasure for a deep well-being

  • Understanding and putting into practice the basics of ancient wisdom which is still modern and relevant to nourish body and mind

  • Inviting a harmonious and beneficial movement in your life to reconnect your belly, your mind and your heart.

What is this challenge about?

  • An individual adventure supported by the group to move towards your well-being, with a common sharing page and the possibility to participate in meeting and practice days.

  • Online meetings that you can follow from wherever you want for 4 weeks!

  • Access to 5-7 videos per week to live this road trip around the belly at your own pace and adapt to your daily life.

  • Two experienced « guides » with  perfect expertise and complementary knowledge.

The programme will start in February 2023. Reservations will be open  starting November 15 th,
so you can offer  it to your loved ones and yourself for the festive season.
Before December 31 st  you can benefit from the « Early Bird Special. »

At the center of this plan

Maître Feng Shui 5 éléments et thérapeute en médecine traditionnelle chinoise bio

Isabella M. Obrist

Graduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu. Director of “Petit Ventre Heureux” and creator of the Energy Potions. Author of « Petit Ventre Heureux » and « Petit Ventre Heureux attend un bébé ».  As well as 3 books in German, Isabella is a specialist in Chinese dietetics, trained in EFT and family constellations.

Danseuse professionnelle au service du corps pour développer l'aisance et la prise de parole et éviter les ballonnements.

Elsa Rose de Chedeville

Dancer, choreographer and movement researcher, Elsa is passionate about our relationship to ourselves and to others through the body. She completed her training with a diploma in massage, Sensory Integration, Non-Violent Communication and Taekwondo.

Programme 28 jours pour en finir du mal de ventre

Information about the challenge

Our programme is not a diet, it will allow you to improve your diet while being respectful of the planet. If this is what you want, then the « 28 Days to a Happy Belly » is for you!

During these 28 days you will learn to reinvent your eating habits, to eat with pleasure but above all to find a source of well-being.
The programme will be divided into 4 parts, each week we will tackle a different theme to help you on your journey.

  • Week 1: The basics of Chinese thought around food to understand our intrinsic needs.

  • Week 2: Learning movement with Elsa Rose De Chedeville to better understand our emotions and the impact of our beliefs on our food.

  • Week 3: Detailed analysis of the impact of food on our body and mind (example: what happens to my body when I eat a banana in winter?)

  • Week 4: Cooking differently and with pleasure.