Internship opportunities

Workshop : Traditional Chinese Thought

Sweet, spicy or bitter immersion in Chinese dietetics?
Discover the Chinese wisdom applied to nutrition and food, the functioning of our body, the nutritional needs according to the season, the different flavors and their therapeutic uses. Everything we need to know to invite better health in our lives.

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Culinary courses

The courses are intended for all those who wish to discover the Chinese medical wisdom in its culinary application.

We start with some information necessary to understand the Chinese way of thinking, then we go to the kitchen to prepare the dishes according to the 5 elements.

With good humour and lots of explanations we end the half-day at the table, all together with a happy little belly and a full brain (or vice versa?)

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Petit Ventre Heureux propose des stages de cuisine ainsi que des stages bien-être pour favoriser le bon fonctionnement de votre flore intestinale.

EFT Initiation 

EFT-Petit Ventre Heureux® helps to re-start the vital flow in our bodies and minds to get beyond our blockages.

The impulses that lead to eating badly, too much, or all the time without being hungry do not come by chance. Disturbances are often at the origin of small or large traumas of the past.
In order to change one’s diet in the long term, one needs a mental and physical balance.

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Yi Jing

Consulting and learning how to use the Yi Jing is fundamental to knowing how to approach one’s life.

This book enlightens us, without any dogma, only by following the dynamic forces of Yin Yang. 

The Yi Jing does not predict the future, but assists us in the analysis of the structures and components of the moment, in a world that is in perpetual change.
It is a master of strategy, at our side, in order to better understand life in all its complexity! All we need to do is consult it and know how to interpret it!

This profound and age-old book gives us access to the right choices when a question arises. 

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