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Isabella Obrist, CEO of Petit Ventre Heureux.

My name is Isabella Obrist and I’m looking for a harmonious and colourful lifestyle.

This research emerged over 30 years ago, when I began my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is with varied experiences and constant learning that I continue to pave this path.

Now, I can share with you some of the pillars that help me to find an anchor and a perspective in everything we call life.

These pillars take on their full meaning when we understand what connects them: the relationships with our environment, our belly, our body-mind, our digestion, the quality of our food and the health of our soil. The relationship between self-love and respect for others, between our microbiota and the biodiversity of the soil, between eating and digesting, between digesting food and digesting emotions.

These are the pillars that nourish life. That’s why I created my company PVH*.

Let’s say it again: the central pillar of life is the way we eat. To eat well, cooking becomes central.

Cooking plant-based without pesticides to respect humans, animals, soil and the planet!

Cooking for the planet’s vital potential. Let’s unite our hearts, our heads and our hands to cook up a Happy Belly!

* PVH stands for Petit Ventre Heureux (Happy Little Tummy) and Potentiel Vital de l’Habitat (Habitat’s Vital Potential), to help us develop our Human Vital Potential.

The Petit Ventre Heureux pillars

I suggest a range of ways to make your belly happier by respecting Mother Earth:

  • Online courses and books to help you understand how our digestive system works.
  •  Online courses and cook books to help you discover, love and cook the vegetables, pulses, cereals, fruit… that Mother Earth offers us in abundance.
  • Online courses and books explaining how our bodies and minds connect.
  • Infusions with vegetables, spices and herbs to warm the belly and digest food and emotions, our “Energy Potions“.
  • A herbal tea for women that supports and protects their Yin, “My feminine cocoon“.
  • Blends of spices to make everyday cooking tastier, more colourful, fun, simple and inspiring.
  • Courses in “five flavours cuisine”, a special,  ancient skill to support and restore well-being.
I invite you into my kitchen to put your stomach in the centre of your attention!
Petit Ventre Heureux offers cookery courses and well-being courses to help your intestinal flora function properly.
Cooking healthy with Petit Ventre Heureux

Discovering Energy Potions

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Petit Ventre Heureux - Values of well-being and sharing

Fruit and vegetables for a healthy diet.
Les Potions Energiques de Petit Ventre Heureux permettent une digestion plus facile bio.
Des légumes bios.
Our commitments
Les Potions Energiques de Petit Ventre Heureux sont faites à base d'aliments bio

Our ingredients come from organically farmed land, mainly from France and Europe.

Among other’s, we are associated with BioCambrésis and Lemberona, two social integration companies that grow and dry vegetables and herbs at low temperature.

Our products are packed at the ESAT in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which employs people with special needs.

All the packaging we use is biodegradable and compostable and comes from European forests.

Vibrate and Cook with a Happy Tummy

Petit Ventre Heureux, a vital Energy for everyone!

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