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“Ahhh Isabella’s Energy Potions, what can I say! I knew nothing about TCM or vegetable infusions, but my stomach and my taste buds discovered new, delicate, and so harmonious flavours. Beyond their delicious taste, these pretty drinks are unique and amazing, and should be highlighted more! They slip into our daily lives and do so much good.

I usually drink Dragon just after dinner. It helps me to digest well and avoid bloating before going to sleep. I love the taste of tomato, mushroom and basil, and the hint of paprika that gives it character. I also like to drink Phoenix during the day, especially before meals or at snack time, the taste is very mild, even refreshing for summer! 

When I drink them, I am aware of what I am offering to my belly; the Potions are healthy and ethical from A to Z, whether it is in the choice of raw materials, in the way they are grown, or in the packaging! What else?

In short, these drinks give me energy, fill me up with vitamins, take care of my tummy and also allow me to regulate my consumption of coffee and tea! You can feel Isabella’s expertise and passion in a steaming cup…”

Frédérique et Philippe

“We used to have a hot drink in the evening, which was only sweet, before we discovered Isabella’s potions… At first, they surprise us with the salty taste but changing our ritual, but the very subtle and varied taste made us quickly adopt them!”



​”I suffer from various food intolerances and have difficulty digesting meals, which has caused me many problems in my academic and professional career, so I refrain from eating during the day in the hope that I can make it to the evening meal.

When I read the list of ingredients for the turtle potion I was immediately intrigued by the presence of pumpkin with spices.
Despite an initial apprehension since I don’t tolerate food well, I still jumped at the chance and gave it a try.

What a joy! To be able to feed my body with energy without regretting it the next second. I would like to express my gratitude for having developed this potion from the bottom of my heart.

I pray that you will continue to distribute in other countries than France”.



“My partner has just received your potions with great joy, at a more than opportune moment. She was very touched by your gesture and wanted to let you know.
These little boxes spread beautiful/good colors, flavors, and moods around the house… and in the bag they go in!

We send you our warmest thanks.”



“Isabella’s potions make a real difference to my daily life. The Dragon in the morning and the Turtle in the afternoon suit my little tummy, which is much calmer, less noisy and less bloated. Knowing that everything is organic, made with care locally from ancestral recipes also confirms me in the fact that the potion is beneficial for my body. I take care of myself consciously and with confidence! 

I recommend this healing experience, thanks to the combination of plants, which goes far beyond the herbal tea. It is an act of preventive health.”



“I really like the original flavour of these potions. They have a powerful, unique taste, which is different from all the herbal teas we know. In addition, I enjoy learning about Chinese medicine and understanding how and why we do good things to our bodies. Not to mention the social responsibility at all levels of the production chain. Because what counts is not only what we do, but how we do it! »



“I love energy potions. I take the “Dragon” every day at the end of the morning with its vegetable flavor to boost me and cut hunger. The little pouches with the stick are part of the fun. I know that by drinking these energy potions I am doing my body good.”