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The Wise Pregnancy Programme

An innovative programme for expectant mothers, designed according to Chinese medical thought, to help you live the 10 moons of your pregnancy with wisdom.

A whole host of surprises await you!

You’re celebrating a happy event. Your family is about to grow! You are going to pass on life. You are going to become someone’s mother.


You will be accompanying a being in its development from the moment the first cell divides. What a privilege! What a great opportunity to pay the utmost attention to this new treasure.

Love is transmitted by what we eat, by the words we say and also by what we think, look at, do and listen to.

Now is the time to take care of yourself and start laying the foundations for this new person to develop in peace and harmony.

During your ten moons you will learn

Our programme is specially designed to support mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy, using the age-old Taoist principles of Chinese medical thought to promote the well-being of both mother and baby during the 10 moons of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a magical and transformative time.

Our online video courses will help you to balance your body, mind and emotions.

We offer you sound advice based on universal and fundamental wisdom, gentle meditations to help you get in tune with your child and simple, balanced recipes.

(+) The programme will start mid-September.

The programme

Every moon you feed your child, through one of your Meridians:
  • Moon 1 : « Departure into the light ». This is the moon of conception. We’ll help you prepare your body and mind to welcome a new life into you.
  • Moon 2 : During this moon, you may be prone to nausea, so we’ll be talking about the foods you should eat to counteract this uncomfort, but that’s not all. Reading and writing beautiful things to root in your baby’s body-mind thanks to the influence of the Chief Meridian of the month.
  • Moon 3 : The moon of formation. Your baby is beginning to take its place in your belly, developing slowly and we’ll see why it’s important to surround yourself with beauty and do things you love.
  • Moon 4 : The moon of transformation. Your body is gradually undergoing major changes. We’ll be looking at how to maintain the balance of your energies in the world around you and what kind of diet to adopt for this fourth month of pregnancy, which is well under way.
  • Moon 5 : The moon of peace and organisation. Your baby is developing more and more, so take the time to rest and do activities that you enjoy. This will contribute to your baby’s healthy development. The wisdom of Feng Shui will help you prepare the bedroom.
  • Moon 6 : The moon of expansion. Your baby is beginning to move in your womb and we’ll be looking at ways to help them continue their transformation through visualisations, mediation and the right diet.
  • Moon 7 : The moon of breathing. We’ll look at how to harmonise your child’s future nights, understand why it’s important to avoid dampness and, of course, what foods to eat.
  • Moon 8 : The moon of awareness and preparation. At this stage of your pregnancy, we’ll be looking at how you can prepare to welcome baby into a warm and caring environment.
  • Moon 9 : The moon of contemplation. Your baby will be arriving soon to meet you. Together we’ll see how to maintain harmony and well-being despite the impatience that’s beginning to set in.
  • Moon 10 : The birth moon. We’ll accompany you right up to the birth of your baby, offering nutritional advice, massages, meridian points, meditations and harmonisation.