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Year of Water Tiger

Un tigre pour un petit ventre heureux bio et vegan.
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Petit Ventre Heureux Founder

Welcome to the Year of the Water Tiger! The lunar year started on February 1st, the solar year starts today!

According to Chinese wisdom, the well-being and prosperity of human beings depend on their ability to tune into their environment and what the “present moment” offers. 

Since ancient times, the sages have considered that places condition us and time gives us the message to decide whether to move forward or to wait. 

Knowing how to choose the right place, turning at the right time towards the favorable wind remain the challenges of our lives!

Places and times are full of information and influences, it is time for me to introduce you in detail to our guest of the moment: the Water Tiger!

The Yang force of the year is Water! Strong Water, with a steady flow and potential. This Water is synonymous with communication, speaking, moving, and travelling.
This means that it will manifest itself in our actions, it supports and governs our way of doing and especially our ability to say.


The question that will arise is:

– Do I have something important to say?
– If so, how will I say it?
– If Water is a favorable Element for you (according to your Ba-Zi) you will know how to rely on it. You will know what to say, to whom and when. Your innate wisdom will guide you.
– If Water is not favorable to you, you must weigh your words carefully!

When this Yang Water is appropriate, it will be expressed in wise words, steeped in knowledge and experience.

In any case, many things will be said very openly, while not everything is useful or audible! Let’s sort it out! Let us listen to the quintessence!

Besides this Yang Water, there is the Tiger which brings us its intrinsic Energy. 

Let’s look at its symbolism; 

With a keen eye, he can see and act with speed and power in order to proceed with sovereignty to the needs of the moment.

The Tiger is a metaphor for power and determination. 

He takes the North-East place in the wheel of life of the 12 animals. It embodies the Energy of Spring and more specifically the Thunder, like an earth-quake. A tension can no longer be sustained and the storm rumbles, something must break, be released, in order to be converted into fertile rain. The already mentioned Yang Water contributes to this accumulation, which will reach its peak. A liberation in a way! 

Our Tiger stands for renewal, an exit from the depths into the light is coming. The Tiger carries two forces, Wood, and Fire, two Elements that were missing in 2021! Welcome back! Thank you for being back! Human warmth and creativity!

Wood and Fire from the Tiger:

How is this different from last year? The Metal Buffalo presented himself to us with strength and determination, the Metal was cutting into the Yin, into our bodies and intimacy. The Earth could stagnate!

The Tiger brings us the Energy of Wood which translates into a new dynamic. Fertile ground for enthusiasm. This renewal will guide us towards new ideas and a know-how of “acting together” with benevolence. It is up to us to seize the opportunity!

Benevolence is important because it is THE virtue associated with spring. It is the soil that makes the present moment fertile.  

This Wood Energy presents itself to us in two phases: firstly, the imagination and the dream. Let us take this gift to ask ourselves the right questions! As Nietzsche said: it would be useful to become oneself! The right moment to search for one’s true self is here. A good question is worth its weight in gold! A good answer will follow!

Do you know what you dream of?
Do you know what makes you vibrate?
Are you able to draw, describe or write this dream?


The Tiger Wood is very conducive to opening this window for us and once this Energy has been dusted off, we can look at its organization, the second phase of the Wood. 

So, in order to move towards the growth strategy of your life and your projects, you have to look at your inner space, your private museum so to speak. You are the creator of the 2022 exhibition, the time is right!  Nelson Mandela believed that a winner is just a dreamer who never gave in!

The key to its realization lies in expressing it as clearly as possible.
Will you be able to describe your personal growth strategy, or ‘pitch’ it as we say today? In a few words or a few gestures with your pencil?

Another word on the influence of wood: a plant is strong when it can photosynthesize. To do this, it relies on the “little people” in the soil, on the biodiversity that offers it a “predigestion” of nutrients within the earth so that it can deploy its full capacity to store the sun. 

It has to be done together; the plant is in a way synonymous with a leader who knows how to work together. The year 2022 calls for the strength of the community, of the group, of the initiative “together”!

We need to anchor our roots to the deepest waters to find the core values in which individuals will find security and value.
The leader must be fully supportive of the community, wanting the good of all! Individuals must play their part in growing our lush forest. And everyone must be exemplary!!

Let’s put in place structures that grow common projects in which individuals can flourish. Beware of division! It goes against the wood that wants to grow. In a forest everyone supports each other and those who want to go very fast towards the light are confronted with strong winds! It is the groupe which protects the rider, alone he is exposed to the weather. Let’s protect ourselves from the wind this year! 

To complete our analysis: we must speak of the Fire that the Tiger brings:
Fire is visibility, but also vision, the way we look at things.  Fire is embodied by the joy of living; it is the Energy of the Heart!
Put the light where you want to be seen, show your charisma, make your vision of the world known, set up rituals in the form of a connection to others, such as a work meeting every week or every month. Or a friendly call on a regular basis!  The virtue of Fire is propriety embodied in ritual!  Tell people that you see good in them!  Again, you are the creator of your museum, put the spotlights where there is something beautiful and good to be discovered! 

I wish you wisdom in the use of Yang Water, say loudly what needs to be said, but restrain yourself if the words may hurt or prove unnecessary. 

Water the Wood to make your inner garden grow and contribute to the growth of the forest of all! Then put some light to make the beautiful and the path shine!

Have a great year!

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