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The Jing

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The Jing is vitality, the quintessence of Man


Part I – Innate Jing:

The quintessence of Man is called Jing in Chinese, which means an innate force but also an impulse of love, a great act of love.

There are two types of Jing: the innate Jing, which is provided by both parents at the time of procreation. This can be compared to a “bank account” that the parents leave to their child, this account contains a capital that is limited and non-renewable and must be preserved to the maximum.

Jing is therefore a vital principle that manifests itself in all forms.

It is the prerequisite for a seamless interaction between movements and space, Energies, and substrates…

It is a rhythmic sequence of events.

Jing is a cornerstone for determining the future of beings and is essential to life.

It determines a person’s innate energy and is developed and improved during pregnancy with a good diet, a positive frame of mind, some activity and plenty of rest.

Jing enhances the programming of our existence, the potential of life! There are so many possibilities, it absorbs the information  important for our whole life. Later, it also acts as a reserve medium.

This quintessence is the primary essence, both subtle and stored in the kidneys, deep within the being.

The Energy of the kidneys allows us to keep our reserves, it is a hard disk that redistributes Energy to all our organs (psychological and physiological functions).

The Jing transmitted to the child will be its base, a very subtle part, refined, and sharpened by the child and its mother during the pregnancy.

Painting involves a canvas, colors, and intention. Jing encompasses these three actions. It is also all the colors of nature.

We must make good use of the Jing we received at the beginning of our existence.

It is up to us to decide and ensure that it is intact and operational, like a quintessential flower.

This good use means that we must take care to fill the granaries with acquired Jing so as not to exhaust the innate part too soon.

This includes the food we eat, the nutrients we give our bodies, but also the way we breathe and move in our environment.

This will be explored further in the next article, in Part II!

Un aliment vert et bio.

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