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Respectons les saisons pour une alimentation saine.

Petit Ventre Heureux Founder


Did you know that the autumn season is associated with the Metal-Element? The autumnal equinox will soon be upon us, meaning that the day is equal in length to the night.

Autumn is associated with change, purification, and harvest. It is the perfect season to begin to refocus on oneself, especially as with Metal, Man cuts, slices to ensure his survival.

As we said, autumn is synonymous with harvest, it brings the first frosts that purifies nature, it is also  associated with the West where the sun sets, and with the white color of  first frosts and  snow. It could be said that the season also refers a little to melancholy because on the one hand we say thank you to Mother Earth and nature through festive rituals and on the other hand we mourn what has been. Summer is over!

At this time of the year, rigor is required, so that severity does not turn into brutality, because Metal that is too hard can be harmful.

The return is implacable and necessary, it must be done with confidence and without violence.

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