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Programme 28 jours pour en finir du mal de ventre

Understanding and soothing my stomach, 28 days to get there!

Dates, registrations and prices

  • Start date: 12 October 2023
  • Price : 350 Euros
  • Promotional price until 1 October with the code “OCTOBRE28” : 250 Euros


  • Understanding:
    • The digestive system
    • How foods affect our bodies
    • The impact of food on our minds
    • The signals from our body
    • Family influences our eating habits
    • Digestive problems
  • Knowing how to :
    • Express our needs and emotions through movement and breathing
    • Listen and interpret the language of our tummy
    • Cook simply and deliciously
    • Eat with pleasure


  • 5 to 7 short educational videos per week
  • Interesting material on food analysis: a new way of decoding your food
  • 1 to 2 weekly zoom sessions to combine theory and practice
  • Invitation to join our Facebook group

For whom?

  • For anyone who wants to understand and improve their relationship with food, digestion and the interaction between well-being and emotion…


  • Just a strong desire to take care of your tummy, your health in general and your feelings!

A letter to my tummy

Dear tummy,

You bloat, you ask me for sugar, you hurt, you hold on to every gram of food I eat, you’re not flat, you won’t fit into my trousers, you talk to me in an  incomprehensible language , you rumble in meetings, and you can’t digest  restaurant-meals!

Please tell me what’s up!

You remind me of my grandmother, especially when I hide you in a girdle. You scold me like my mother when I take too much whipped cream, you’re old and flabby in the eyes of my children.

The more I want to train you, the more you show up! What are your instructions for use?

Perhaps it’s time to pick up a dictionary and decode the language of your tummy?

A new programme to revolutionize your relationship with your stomach and your belly! Welcome to our Soft Challenge!


The programme is divided into 4 parts (one per week):

  • Week 1 : the basics of food (foods that heat or cool, the 5 flavors, creating energy, eating well and enjoying yourself…)
  • Week 2 : emotions, beliefs, instant gratification, our family ties, EFT (a tool for overcoming blockages), movement and breathing
  • Week 3 : a detailed study of foods such as cereals, pulses, fruit, vegetables and herbs and their effects on our body-mind; when and how to eat them according to our intrinsic needs
  • Week 4 : a playful encounter in our kitchens (how to cut, cook, invent)

The speakers


  • Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu
  • University diploma in ethnomedicine at INALCO – La Sorbonne
  • CEO of “Petit Ventre Heureux” and creator of Energy Potions
  • Author of “Petit Ventre Heureux” and “Petit Ventre Heureux attend un bébé”
  • Specialist in Chinese dietetics
  • Trained in EFT and family constellations
Maître Feng Shui 5 éléments et thérapeute en médecine traditionnelle chinoise bio


  • Dancer, choreographer, and movement researcher
  • Passionate about the relationship we have with ourselves and with others through the body
  • Diploma in Massage, Sensory Integration and Non-Violent Communication and Taekwondo
Danseuse professionnelle au service du corps pour développer l'aisance et la prise de parole et éviter les ballonnements.

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