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All your questions about our 28 Days plan

Programme 28 jours pour en finir du mal de ventre

“The Five Chinese Elements: how can we get them on our plates?

Isabella et Elsa vous accompagne tout au long du programme pour vous aider à entretenir une bonne relation avec votre digestion.

What is traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine considers the human being to be a highly complex whole, whose well-being and balance depend on healthy lifestyle choices, both physical and psychological. The art of eating plays a key role in this, and is one of the founding pillars. Chinese medicine is based on the believe that humans health depends on our connection with nature and that mind and body cannot be dissociated.

Why combine Chinese wisdom with dance?

Chinese wisdom takes an interest in how our bodies function and helps us to understand our essential needs. All that’s left is to know how to express them and take advantage of them. We suggest that you learn to analyze your needs and create your own balance. We don’t divide intellectual and physical knowledge, we bring it all together to give you a full, long-term experience

Do I have to be a dancer? Do I have to do dance?

The course is not intended for dancers. Dance is an art that allows you to create perspectives while at the same time having a connection with the concrete, the body. You won’t be following a predefined choreography, just dancing to your heart’s content, with no restrictions on movement. What’s the point of knowing the Highway Code if I never drive. We won’t be asking you to do the splits or jump like a cat. We’ll be exploring breathing and listening to yourself through dance, the art form which is its foundation.

Will eating better make my daily life more expensive?

Eating healthier does not cost more. You will find it easier seasonal fruit and vegetables. Cereals and pulses are low-cost foods.

Will I have to eat Chinese food to follow your programme?

Absolutely not. We use local and seasonal ingredients. 

Will I have to fast to follow your programme?

Fasting is not part of the 28 Days to a Happy Tummy programme, but you can, with your doctor’s help, include it if you wish.

Will I have to do an hour of dance every day?

Not as you might imagine, there’s more to dance than tutus and ballet pointe shoes and break dancing. During the second part of the programme, we’ll be working on short, adapted exercises that won’t take an hour. Their format is designed to be taken home, alone or with others. It’s up to you to decide how hard you want to exercise.

Will I have to go on a diet?

Absolutely not, the 28 Days to a Happy Tummy programme helps us to eat well by clarifying the emotions surrounding food at the same time as we consider the needs of our body-mind in terms of vital energy.

Should I eat vegetarian or vegan?

Our programme is based on a plant-based diet, and you can add products from outside the plant kingdom according to your wishes and tastes.

Will my family be able to eat the same food as me?

Absolutely! Our recipes will appeal to everyone. It’s not a diet!

Will I be hungry if I follow your programme?

We’re going to understand our body’s needs and feed it well. You won’t go hungry.

Can I treat myself?

Pleasure will be the main ingredient in our diet, but in the future, you may find pleasure in other things too!

Do I have to cook?

The answer is yes, yes, yes! And with pleasure and well-being!

Will I be able to eat in a restaurant?

Absolutely, you’ll still need to take the time to cook at home on a regular basis.

Will this have an impact on my daily life?

Yes, you’re going to feel better!

Can I be independent by following your programme?

Yes, of course. You’ll be able to communicate better with your belly, and feed your whole being more harmoniously.

Do I have to calculate calories or weigh my food?

No, we’re mainly going to look at the vitality of the food, its seasonality, and the effect it will have on your body and mind.

Will I have to take foods supplements?

No, we’re going to help you find your own balance without having to depend on food supplements.

How do I know if it’s the right time for me to take this step?

We’re starting our training at just the right time for you! It’s the perfect time to start something new! This training course lasts 28 days because that’s the time you need to be able to devote yourself fully to yourself, without procrastinating. Support and new tools with our videos and lives (which you can follow on your own), what better way to start your new life!