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Recette de dip aux tomates séchées

📍 7 Place Christiane Frahier, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 78100

🕕 6pm – 9pm

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Photo de courges
Huile de KuerbiskernOe

Discovering a new way to enjoy an « aperitif »

Summertime at the table ☀️

Summer destination: join the adventure!

Isabella Obrist and Claudia Schneeweiss invite you to discover the « aperitif dinner » in a new light. Discover how ancient China and Austria combine to create an explosion of flavors.

Get hands on and be cooking up delicious recipes based on pumpkin seed oil using the the « 5 Element/Flavour Cooking ».

Vital energy and happiness guaranteed!

The aim of this workshop:

    • Discover delicious recipes based on that special oil that will brighten up your « aperitif « with its enchanting flavors.
    • Learn which foods help you to enjoy the heat and summer in a way that’s kind to your body and mind.
    • Discovering cooking methods to help you stay calm and decisive.
    • Discover the role of Chinese wisdom in food, discover how our bodies function and the nutritional needs of summer.
    • Reducing fatigue through a balanced diet.
    • Acquire anti-inflation tips to prevent waste.
    • Total immersion in music to live the moment with full awareness and joy


What you need to know about oils in general:

A healthy, active lifestyle means consuming fats in moderation and adopting a balanced diet. It is recommended that you reduce your fat intake and consume more high-quality vegetable oils than animal fats.

Fat is essential for the body as it fulfills several metabolic functions:

    • It protects and envelops the internal organs
    • It provides the building blocks for cell construction
    • It is rich in calories and a source of energy
    • It enables the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K)


Replacing saturated fatty acids with unsaturated fatty acids in the diet helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

Austrian pumpkin oil – Steirische Kürbiskernöl g.g.A (Austrian green GOLD) and its seeds:

    • A virgin vegetable oil extracted from roasted pumpkin seeds;
    • Obtained from a cold pressing process, which gives it its dark red-green color and purity;
    • Bottled without chemical additives and without mechanical or chemical post-treatment (filtration, refining), it is entirely pure and natural;
    • Traditionally made in Styria in southern Austria (Cucurbita pepo convar. citrulliavar. styriaca);
    • Highly appreciated for its flavor (hazelnut taste) and its many health benefits (nutrients and beneficial fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), Vitamin E, Zinc);
    • Beneficial for prostate and bladder health and the cardiovascular system.
Le Quai des Possibles - Partenaires de Petit Ventre Heureux
Photo du tiers-lieu le Quai des Possibles à Saint-Germain-en-Laye


🚊 RER A : Saint-Germain-en-Laye / Line T13 : Lisière Pereire

🚏 Accessible by R2 Sud (R2 South) & R2 Nord (R2 North) buses: Grande Ceinture

🚲 Cycling access

🅿️ Parking spaces available

An eco-responsible « THIRD PLACE »

  • A former railway station converted into a « third-party centre »
  • Furniture made from recycled wood, seats made from tree bark fabric, up-cycling of old furniture, natural materials and an integration project.

Which offers a sustainable canteen :

  • A large table for tasting, discovering, exchanging, and encouraging a transition towards a more virtuous and inclusive diet (including festive events);
  • Lunch and cocktail packages for corporate events;
  • A catering offer that reflects the Quai’s values: healthy, local, supportive and zero waste;
  • Awareness-raising workshops and cookery classes;
  • Supporting local stakeholders;
  • Favoring healthy and home-cooked food;
  • Encourage organic farming that respects seasonality wherever possible;
  • Reducing waste
Pour une bonne digestion, optez pour Isabella.

Isabella Obrist,

CEO of Petit Ventre Heureux

  • Specialist in Dietetics and Five Elements Cooking
  • Passionate about well-being and eco-responsibility
  • Helps customers achieve a healthier, more varied diet while enjoying themselves at the same time
  • Expertise in Chinese medicin
  • Expertise dans la pensée médicale chinoise
Claudia Schneeweiss fondatrice de Schneeweiss Marketing

Claudia Schneeweiss,

CEO of Schneeweissmarketing

  • Event Specialist & Program Manager in Education
  • Passionate about well-being and eco-responsibility
  • Satisfied through customer happiness
  • Always delighted to bridge the gap between her two countries: Austria and France
  • Fans of the traditional French aperitif and pumpkin seed oil (one of Austria’s star products)