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Eating well
during pregnancy

“Human life is like a journey, the first steps define the whole path.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Le petit bonhomme d'Isabella pour une meilleure digestion.

Understanding the beginning of life through Chinese sages.

Chinese wisdom which is universal in essence, is based on an understanding of how nature works and shows us how Man can best fit into his surroundings.

The Moon influences and governs the woman’s cycle, as well as that of all Men. Moon after moon, the mother nourishes her child thanks to one or other of her Meridians. The vibrations will be transmitted to your child like a color impregnates a fabric

The future is built and allowed. Love too. Let’s be attentive to the right moment. Everything is possible.

Drawing on the past to live a happy present while building a promising future is within our grasp. Choosing to do so consciously opens up a marvelous perspective, like a kaleidoscope offering us the colors of the rainbow.

A pregnancy that changes everything

A magnificent adventure inspired by Chinese philosophy.

Vivez une grossesse joyeuse avec le petit ventre heureux et gardez une alimentation saine pour un petit bébé sain.

Learn how to decipher your feelings and the changes in your body, and how to make this pregnancy a fulfilling transition.

Massage of acupuncture points, Feng Shui advice for your baby’s bedroom, explanations of the different meridians to pamper according to the trimester…

Take a different, enriching approach to  Chinese philosophy of motherhood and make these 10 moons a happy experience for the whole family.

Ayez une grossesse avec une zen attitude.

A book for mothers-to-be

Petit Ventre Heureux is expecting a baby

Ten chapters to help you understand your baby’s development and what you as a mother, can do to make the most of this wonderful time.

Recipes adapted for each period to tone up the body in the right place at the right time.