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About us and our values

Isabella est une spécialiste en diététique qui vend des infusions aux légumes pour obtenir une alimentation plus saine.


Food rebalancing
Feng Shui
Family constellations

Graduate of Shanghai University

Diploma in Shiatsu

Diploma in Classical Feng Shui

Certified in family constellations

Member of UFPMTC

Isabella and Chinese wisdom

My way to you

As a specialist in Chinese dietetics and the 5 Elements Cuisine, I have 25 years’ experience in private practice and founded Petit Ventre Heureux and its Energy Potions several years ago.

I first went to hotel management school in Austria to take over my parents’ inn. But life took me on a journey to New York, where I stayed for a few years. Then to Paris, Munich and Buenos Aires… It simply led me to Chinese philosophy.

I then trained in Chinese disciplines and became a therapist, certified by the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai University in China.

One evening at Tian Tai Shan, a monastery at the foot of a sacred mountain, I discovered a fascinating facet of Chinese dietetics. Cooking by following the movements of nature, imitating the workings of the cosmos… What a crazy and happy idea. I dug, researched, studied and discovered…

Here we are over 25 years later. Enriched by love and friendship, the birth of children, life with its bright and dark sides.

Eat what produces Energy and Vitality. That which gives “life” to living. Cook because life is worth it, because we are worth it and because this is what conveys self-esteem, esteem for others and respect for the living.

Now that I have reached a certain maturity, I want to pass on my knowledge. I have known many people along the way who have helped and supported me. Thank you to all of you.

It is now up to me to pass on the message today through Petit Ventre Heureux.

Together, let’s make our bellies hum with pleasure!


The creation of Petit Ventre Heureux :

  • A brand that includes the Energy Potions launched in 2020 and the four books I have written: “Little happy belly, cook for your health according to the five Chinese elements”, “Little happy belly awaits its baby”, “Glücksrezepte”, “Frühstücksbuch”.
  • A community of all those who have followed my trainings, and who follow me on social networks: Facebook, Instagram.
  • A mission: to remind those we love (including ourselves) that we are what we eat, drink, think and…what we can digest! 

Petit Ventre Heureux is the result of a long journey…