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Petit Ventre Heureux propose des infusions aux légumes pour renforcer son système digestif.

Energy Potions

Broth-infusions with vegetables, spices and herbs to aid digestion and balance the emotions.

Organic vegetables, herbs and spices grown with particular care and dried at low temperatures (and certainly not by freeze-drying to prevent the water molecules from retaining the memory of the cold).

Each Energy Potion is created by Isabella according to the Five Elements of Chinese thought. This approach aligns us with the movements of Mother Nature as she expresses herself through the seasons, promising to set our biological clocks right.

To enhance the Potions, Isabella blends them in a musical atmosphere (Mozart and Bach) before toning them with 12 tuning forks. The vibration of the note B makes the Heart joyful, the F harmonises the Liver and the RE tones the Kidneys…

Our partners at the ESAT in Saint-Germain-en-Laye then package them in biodegradable packaging.

How can we reconcile our intrinsic needs with this fast-paced world?

Our digestive system needs warmth and balance to produce our vital energy.

The Stomach needs heat and liquid to digest properly. The Spleen must warm the food bolus to its proper temperature and transform it into a “digestive soup”. This transformation is based on the strength of our digestive fire, what we eat, how and when we eat it.

Thousands of years ago, Chinese medical thinking understood the importance of a varied diet based on the Five flavours found in nature.

Energy Potions support this digestive work by providing warmth, liquids and the Five flavours with delicacy and finesse.

Special offer for
companies, hotels, spas, restaurants, associations:

Bonhomme d'Isabella pour la digestion.

Offer your teams and clients our delicious Energy Potions, an alternative to coffee or tea.

To be consumed before, during or after the meal, Energetic Potions are versatile in the kitchen (we deliver in bulk) and even to prepare cocktails and refreshing drinks.

The Energy Potions of Petit Ventre Heureux

La Potion Phoenix est parfaite pour tous les problèmes liés au cœur.

Flavours of the Phoenix

 This Potion gives vibration to the Energy of the Heart, makes our thoughts clear, lively, and agile by stimulating the Joy of living in order to counterbalance the small moments of sadness. Its beautiful red color evokes a warm fire, and its taste is comfortingly sweet.

Beetroot and turmeric combine to bring us back to earth. Fenugreek revives the spirit, and the heart rejoices.

La Potion Tortue remédie contre les ballonnements et renforce le fonctionnement des reins.

Flavours of the Turtle

 This Potion vibrates the Energy of the Kidneys to consolidate boldness, strength, and confidence, counterbalancing a possible lack of rootedness. Its golden color is comforting. Soft in the mouth with its pumpkin and carrot base.

 Surprising with its subtle and spicy final touch that enhances the original Yin/Yang Energy.

La Potion du Dragon aide à fortifier son foie contre le mal de ventre.
Un dragon pour une meilleure digestion.

Flavours of the Dragon

 This Potion vibrates the Energy of the Liver to harmonize our digestion and emotions by stimulating our creativity and to counterbalance the small and big annoyances of our lives. Its amber color recalls moments of serenity.

 On a base of carrots, pumpkin, and tomato, underlined by freshness of mint. Sesame and mushrooms gently regenerate our well-being.

5 saveurs renforçant le microbiote.

The Five Flavours

Eating is an art and a pleasure. It’s a way of loving and respecting ourselves. Eating is also the basis for the production of vital energy.

The Five Elements are concretely translated into cooking through the five flavours that nourish the whole being.

The flavour and vitality of a food correspond to its natural and biological growing season. For example, the acidity of a tomato will be more useful to the body in summer: thanks to its astringent power, acid prevents excessive loss of fluids through perspiration.

Each flavour acts more specifically on a given organ.

  • Sour nourishes the Liver
  • Bitter nourishes the Heart
  • Sweet nourishes the Spleen
  • Pungent nourishes the Lungs
  • Salty nourishes the Kidneys

Consumed in moderate and reasonable quantities, it nourishes the associated organ. Too much of a flavour causes imbalance, harming not only the organ but the whole body. The lack or excess of a flavour will lead to an imbalance in the associated organ and body tissues before becoming a problem for the whole body.

These Five flavours in our Energy Potions help us transform our meals into Energy ready to be deployed.