Our values

Agriculture biologique pour une meilleure digestion.
Ayez une alimentation saine.

Our potions are prepared according to Taoist wisdom and practice, the real reason for the existence of Petit Ventre Heureux. It is the balance resulting from the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, an ethic of good conduct, of virtues that men are endowed with from birth.



Benevolence is associated with the Wood element. Petit Ventre Heureux wishes to offer its knowledge, experience, and know-how, like a tree that offers its fruits. The objective is to give human beings the elements necessary to balance the emotions of their belly and their microbiota.



« La bienséance » which translates into something like « prorpriety » is associated with Fire.  This primordial notion wants all the elements concerning our lives to be ordered, in their place in relation to the concept of rites and rituals.  Human beings need to pace their lives in the same way as Mother Nature, where the seasons serve as an example. The aim of propriety for our Potions? To offer a product based on this natural functioning. Our potions always put flavors in their right place and the biological clocks in their right place. These flavors are, in order; Wood (Acid), Fire (Bitter), Earth (Sweet), Metal (Pungent), Water (Salty)



By imitating Mother Earth, we aspire to embody sincerity through a traditional vision. For his well-being, Man must integrate into the world around him, find his place and communicate with the earth and the sky. This is what Petit Ventre Heureux is based on. Sincerity is at the heart of our offer, in the sense that our message and what we advocate is not a marketing slogan but comes directly from ancient Taoist texts. It is years of expertise, research and passion that have gone into the creation of these potions.
The way Isabella, the creator, manages her company reflects her vision of the world, corresponding to an ideal of life on Earth. Petit Ventre Heureux is an extension of her values. In order to create her unique recipes, Isabella takes care to surround herself with committed French and Austrian partners, working to protect the planet and its inhabitants. As a result of this eco-responsible approach, the Potions are beneficial for everyone

We chose our partners with selective care;

  • BioCambrésis takes care of growing and drying most of the raw materials at low temperatures, employing people in rehabilitation.
  • Isabella  then lovingly assembles these ingredients according to the principles of Chinese dietetics, at United Kitchens, a laboratory based in Nanterre and committed to the food transition.
  • Once ready, the Energy Potions are packaged by the team at the ESAT of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which employs people with special needs. 
  • All the packaging used is biodegradable, compostable and complies with forest protection standards. We work with Mizenboite for the production of our cardboard containers, and our transparent bags are made by FDR Packaging from wood cellulose.



Justice is part of the Metal aspect of the 5 elements, in the sense that our actions must mirror our aspirations, our vision of the world…
Metal is a sharp force, very whole, not wanting to do things by halves. We speak of metallic conviction.
The health of human beings depends and relies on the health of the soil, we cannot pretend otherwise. It is essential to do justice to the marvel that is our mother earth, hence our environmental commitment, and to people.
Petit Ventre Heureux is a company that does social justice to the talent of others, hence the relationship with ESAT, the work company for people with special needs, and BioCambrésis, which employs people with  reintegration need.
We also wish to do justice to the traditional medicines of this world, which have always been the pillars and companions of the human being. These ancestral methods are increasingly confirmed today by modern research.
Finally, Petit Ventre Heureux has found a fertile ground to develop with the Quai des Possible, a place of incubation where ecologically committed actors are inspired, experiment and contribute to the world of tomorrow.



Wisdom represents the Water element. In order to do justice to the concept of the 5 Elements we need to be wise, looking at things in their details and also in their globality.
For Petit Ventre Heureux, wisdom is that which considers that Man is part of a whole, that he has rights and things to do, and that each individual on his own scale can play a role for the well-being of others, thanks to the experience and values of sharing.
Petit Ventre Heureux has a very specific goal. From a detailed point of view, we want to help people access the wisdom of their bodies, to enjoy true well-being, harmonious digestion, and an understanding of their stomachs. From a more global point of view, we want to understand and make people understand the links between our well-being and that of Mother Earth, especially between the microbiota of our bellies and the “macrobiota” of the soil’s belly.

La roue des 5 éléments pour une meilleure zen attitude avec de fortes valeurs.