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Programme 28 jours pour en finir du mal de ventre

Therapeutic and fun day – understanding my tummy and acting accordingly

Dates, registration and prices

  • Start date: 24 November 2023 (9am to 5pm)
  • Reception: 9am to 9.30am
  • Where: Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Price: 90 Euros for non-participants in the challenge
  • Promotional price until 5 November: 70 Euros for participants

Therapeutic day programme:

  • An ocean of knowledge
    • How can we generate vital energy through our food in a joyful and healthy way?
    • The 5 flavours necessary for our physical and mental well-being and how to apply them to everyday life
    • How to look after our microbiota?
  • Pratical experience
    • Qi Gong and self-massage movements for everyday life
    • Breathing and emotional release techniques (using EFT) to raise awareness, name our difficulties (and honor our needs) and calm our stomach ache
  • And sharing
    • Individual or group work: creating a talking circle around the stomach
    • Understanding our family ties (loyalties to our ancestors) and to free ourselves from impulsive eating or discomfort caused by stomach ache

Have you put off resolving to eat healthily?

Have your habits returned to normal?

Do you want to change your relationship with food and your tummy?

We can offer you a therapeutic day or workshop to help your tummy feel better through movement and traditional Chinese wisdom, as a complement to our Soft Challenge “28 Days for a Happy Tummy”.

The speakers


  • Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu
  • University diploma in ethnomedicine at INALCO – La Sorbonne
  • CEO of “Petit Ventre Heureux” and creator of Energy Potions
  • Author of “Petit Ventre Heureux” and “Petit Ventre Heureux attend un bébé”
  • Specialist in Chinese dietetics
  • Trained in EFT and family constellations
Maître Feng Shui 5 éléments et thérapeute en médecine traditionnelle chinoise bio


  • Dancer, choreographer, and movement researcher
  • Passionate about the relationship we have with ourselves and with others through the body
  • Diploma in Massage, Sensory Integration and Non-Violent Communication and Taekwondo
Danseuse professionnelle au service du corps pour développer l'aisance et la prise de parole et éviter les ballonnements.