Organic herbal tea for the liver, made with vegetables-TCM

Organic herbal tea for the Liver with vegetables – Petit Ventre Heureux – TCM
Harmonises emotions and detoxifies Liver Energy
Bouillon-Infusion with vegetables and spices according to the 5 flavours (5 Elements )of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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Organic herbal tea for the Liver with vegetables – Petit Ventre Heureux – TCM

Harmonises emotions and detoxifies Liver Energy
An infusion broth made with vegetables and spices according to the 5 flavors (5 Elements) of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Our Organic herbal tea for the liver helps the body to better assimilate essential nutrients and nourishes the microbiota. Carefully selected vegetables, spices and herbs work in synergy to optimise the digestive process. This infusion supports the energy of the Liver, promoting its crucial role in the elimination of toxins.

According to Chinese thought, the Liver is responsible for the free circulation of energy (Qi) and emotions.
A harmonious Liver helps to calm the body and mind, bringing a sense of calm and clarity. It also boosts your creativity and motivation, helping you to approach life with dynamism and serenity.
This infusion is made from organically grown ingredients in partnership with BioCambrésis. It is packaged by ESAT Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a company that supports disabled people in the workplace.
All our products are environmentally friendly, thanks to certified, 100% recyclable packaging,

Informations complémentaires

Poids 0,05 g

Tomato*, pumpkin*, mushroom (shiitake)*, basil, shallot*, white sesame**, carrot*, parsley*, salt, mint*, bay leaf*, sweet paprika*
*from organic farming – **allergenic

This box contains

50g potion (bulk), 16 tea bags and 8 reusable sticks, all biodegradable.

To drink, savor and enjoy at any time!

Energetic Potions can be consumed at any time of the day, you just have to choose the right moment:
At the beginning of the meal: to warm up your stomach
At the end of the meal: to encourage digestion
Between meals: to appease and calm the feeling of hunger
At any time: to strengthen your vital energy
During convalescence: to regain strength and « joie de vivre », joy of life.

The benefits of this Energy Potion

The Dragon Energy Potion is related to the energy of the Liver.
When the energy of the Liver is :
Unbalanced: it causes nervousness and impatience, tension and blockages, digestive problems, feelings of stress and irritability.
Balanced: it relaxes us, facilitates the circulation of Energy (Qi), stimulates creativity and patience, drains and eliminates toxins.
The pastel color of the Dragon Energy Potion recalls moments of serenity.
On a base of carrots, pumpkin, and tomato, underlined by freshness of mint. Sesame and mushrooms gently regenerate our well-being.

Our partners

An ecological and solidarity-based recipe:
We have conceived and designed the Energetic Potions with the help of selected partners:
BioCambrésis takes care of growing and drying most of our vegetables, spices and herbs. Bio Cambresis is a « integrative company ».
Isabella Obrist then assembles these ingredients according to the 5 elements of TCM, at United Kitchens or at the Esat , a meeting place of local artisans for the food transition.
Once ready, the Energetic Potions are conditioned by the ESAT les Néfliers, which creates a workspace for people with special needs.


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