Our partners

Des légumes bio pour une alimentation saine.

Bio Cambrésis

We work with BioCambrésis for several reasons:

– BioCambrésis is a reintegration company
– BioCambrésis grows the raw material
– BioCambrésis dries the vegetables at low temperature


  • BioCambrésis, an employer in the social and solidarity economy and an activity at the service of people and the environment. 
  • Company of social utility managed under associative status, Bio Cambrésis defends the vision of an economy at the service of Man and of an activity respectful of the environment.
  • The activities developed by Bio Cambrésis are aimed at people who are furthest from employment and aim to enable them :
    • To acquire the skills which will help them to emerge from marginality and gradually reintegrate into a satisfying way of life 
    • To establish with them a life project, a professional project and give them the means to achieve it
    • To discover their professional abilities which will be valued through work and training


Each year, nearly a hundred people (some of whom are RSA beneficiaries on fixed-term integration contracts) are taken in by Bio Cambrésis, including about fifty people working on organic market gardening and agri-food production activities. All of them benefit from a professional integration programme and socio-professional support. 


ESAT Les Nefliers-Eco-Responsable en étant inclusif


For the packaging of our products, we work with the ESAT of Saint Germain-en-Laye, employing people with special needs.
The ESATs play a vital role in our society, because it is essential that all people can find a place. Society can be compared to a body: all the parts make the whole functional. 

United Kitchens 

United Kitchens houses innovative and committed food concepts in its kitchens, the cradle of responsible food in France.

Since 2021, United Kitchens has become more involved by taking over the catering and events area of the Château de Nanterre to turn it into a place where people can meet and talk about responsible food.

Mize en boîte

Mizenboite is a company in Brittany, which  helps us in our ecological quest and satisfies our needs for beauty!​

Our manufacturer is committed to:

  • Using vegetable-based ink,
  • Working with environmentally friendly partners, especially when it comes to printing your documents (recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed forests FCS, ecological and vegetable inks…)
  • Save on office printing by using our printer wisely, using both sides of the paper and recycling as scrap paper,
  • Optimize travel for ourselves and our partners by teleworking, telephoning, and videoconferencing,


Building an ecological relationship by making dematerialized documents available.