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Amazing broth-infusions to aid digestion and balance our emotions

Energetic Potions are unique infusions based on vegetables and spices. They are tasty, beneficial and provide the necessary energy to digest meals and emotions.

Our digestive system needs heat and balance to produce energy.

Our stomachs need heat and fluids to digest properly. In fact, to digest our food, the body must heat the food to its temperature and transform it into a « digestive soup ».

Our digestive system is an ecosystem and it’s balance is fragile. Within its microbiota, the flora must be harmonious. This balance depends on what we eat, how and when we eat it. But not only. 

Chinese medical thought understood, already thousands of years ago, the importance of a varied diet based on the 5 flavors found in nature. Current studies and research confirm this.

Petit Ventre Heureux infusions, Chinese medical thinking in our cups!

We are much happier when the 5 essential flavors nourish our being.

Petit Ventre Heureux/The Little Happy Belly Energy Potions offer us all this. They help us to warm our stomachs before eating, to transform our meals into energy, and to spread it throughout our bodies. They are all made from certified organic vegetables, spices, and herbs.

Special offer for companies, hotels, spas, restaurants, associations

Bonhomme d'Isabella pour la digestion.

Offer your team and clients our delicious Energy Potions, an alternative to coffee or tea.

To be consumed before, during or after the meal, Energetic Potions are versatile in the kitchen (we deliver in bulk) and even to prepare cocktails and refreshing drinks.